[tete-a-tete (Yuunagi Show)] BluArch Kabeshiri-bu (Blue Archive) [English] [Zugen] [Digital]

[tete-a-tete (Yuunagi Show)] BluArch Kabeshiri-bu (Blue Archive) [English] [Zugen] [Digital]

We ran with them laughing and mad,
I ripped at her clothes until they were shreds,
She shrugged them off among the rows,
Looking back she smiled to me in the moonlight. Have you ever seen a graveyard sunrise?
Rays of light break around ancient stones,
Orange and purple pour across the sky,
Painting a backdrop for pale colored clouds.

Hentai: [tete-a-tete (Yuunagi Show)] BluArch Kabeshiri-bu (Blue Archive) [English] [Zugen] [Digital]

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[tete-a-tete (夕凪ショウ)]ブルアカ壁尻部(ブルーアーカイブ) [英訳] [DL版]

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