Bare Hot Tails 09 Con

Bare Hot Tails 09  Con

Hmm I want to caress a boob
let me reach up and touch it on the side
run my fingers from the side over to the middle
your hand down to my pants
Undoing my belt
my cock already tenting you slide a leg over min, exposing yourself
And then flip over front of me
so u can slide my pants down
My cock springs free and you reach down and take hold of it your hand gliding up and down
My hand reaches up and touches your breast which is hanging down freely, squeezing your nipples and tugging on them until it is perky
then reaching over and doing the other one
You respond by lowering your head
licking up my shaft, pausing to circle the head of my now quite hard penis
You will be wasting little time today
And put the whole thing in your mouth, getting it well lubed with your saliva
as you come off it and start scooting your way up my legs
Hovering over my penis, you take your hand and guide towards your already wet pussy
and start to lower your self on to it
It’s tight, but gives way without complaint
as you lower yourself fully
you pause to remove my shirt, to feel our bodies touch together
You lean forward, your tits pressing into my chest
I lean forward and tilt my head down, resting against your neck, kissing you lightly up behind your ear
my hand reaching back and taking hold of your left buttocks
You put your hands on my shoulders and start to rise up
feeling your pubic area ride against mine
As you start to ride up and down, I take hold of your ass and spread your cheeks while helping you up and down
Your pussy now flowing, juices run down my cock and I feel a drop sneak down my leg
you start moaning
As you feel my cock slide in and out of you faster as you get lost in sensation
my hand reaches in between us and my thumb feels for your clit
Finding it you moan loudly
you take your hand off my shoulders and instead lean back
Resting them against the bed
Your hips now riding more of an angle, my cock head pressing against your g-spot
Your pussy exposed to me, watching you wriggle on my cock, my thumb now replaced with my fingers
rubbing your clit from side to side
over it up and down
I take my other hand and reach forward to grab your boob and squeeze
you like this and want it rougher and lean forward, pressing it to my face
Wanting me to bite it a bit
I, now quite enthralled, but tired of you taking lead, demand to fuck you
So you get off, I pull you to the edge of the bed, your legs off, face down
I press your face down, and tell you to spread your legs a bit
you do
exposing your pussy to me from the rear
I take two fingers and glide them into your pussy and stretch you a bit
then step forward and replace them with my cock
I decide to just ram it into you with one go and you squeal a little, not expecting that
I withdraw slowly, and then ram into you again
then I pull out completely
and tease you a bit, just going in an inch, then out and pausing
In an inch, out and pausing
you then do beg me, to fuck you
how could I not abide
I enter back into you, normally, then out most of the way, and back and in and on
You start to reach out with your hands, grabbing the sheets and squeezing them
your moans growing louder as I continue to press on with my attack of your pussy
Your pussy is a bit too much sensation for me, I’d cum too quickly
so I pull out
and flip you over
you know what's next
As I get on my knees and lower my head
you lift you feet in the air and spread wide, as I go down on you
You reach to fondle your tits as you feel my breath blow gently across your clit, cooling it, sending a shiver up your spine
My tongue touches you, down low, you feel it lick up you
Pausing for a moment at your opening, your legs now squirming and closing around my head
Unseen by you, the excitement as my hard cock oozing out some precum which I feel dribble down my shaft
you release your legs as I withdraw my tongue
Once I can breath again I focus on your clit
circling round it
your hands leaving your breasts and perky nipples to grab the back of my head
Now pulling me into you
I then move down a bit, tongue pushing into your vagina
My hand coming up to rub your clit furiously
You scream a bit, and start to quiver your hold body as your breathing goes short
I can feel your contractions on my tongue as you orgasm
You tell me to stop as the sensations are too much
so I let you rest for a moment as you catch your breath
But not for long, as I stand and lower my penis and point it at your pussy
you move forward, knowing you want it
As I step forward I slap it against your clit a few times
and then rub it up and down your lips as I let it moisten in your juices
then I press it forward, sliding into you
You sit up a bit so that you can grab my buttocks
as you try to get me to fuck you
Frustrating you I instead just hold inside you, my hands tweaking your nipples instead
they look fantastic on your back, fallen to the side a bit, your nipples very erect
I relent and start to thrust into you
your legs wrapping around my back
as you are sliding off the bed trying to buck into me
I have to scoot you forward again so you don’t fall off
you steady yourself squeezing the bed sheets again, as you arch your back
And orgasm again
I stay inside you, barely moving, not wanting to cum, I rub the inside of your thighs, a bit of a glistening sheen of sweat appearing on them
you're hot, and obviously bothered
I pull out and move up on the bed
you come behind me and hold against my body, pressing your tits into my back
Your hand reaches round and feels for my cock
you start to rub it up and down with your hand
You are stroking me from behind, I want to pull you in front and cum on you
but it comes on too quick
I let out a noise and my penis springs and squirts out a stream of cum onto the bed
on your hand
and down my cock
I guess we'll need to do the wash now. .

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